Blackburne & Sons Closes $230,000 Loan On A Potato Farm


Blackburne & Sons Loves To Make Farm Loans Most Of All!

Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation is pleased to announce the closing of a $230,000 first mortgage on an 109.59 acre potato farm in Elkton, FL.

The Challenge

The borrowers' main source of income was from a large sod farm they own and operate. Unfortunately, their business was losing money due to the economic downturn and decrease in the demand for sod. While their credit was strong, due to their negative cash flow and the unique property type, they were unable to obtain traditional financing.

The Solution

After looking at the sod property, Blackburne & Sons realized that a loan could not be made on the on that particlar property. The borrowers did own another farm which was free and clear and leased. By making a loan on this second farm, Blackburne & Sons was able to provide the borrower with the working capital they needed, while still offering our investors an attractive property.

As icing on the cake, Blackburne & Sons sold this loan out in a matter of hours. Our investors are hungry for farm deals so please send some our way!

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